Easily manage the high volume of applications, leasing, credit checks and invoicing – all the way through to financial reporting. MDA Property Manager© provides an easy-to-use application to cater for all your related needs in the affordable housing sector.


Prospective Tenants

Store contact details and pertinent documentation, and match prospective tenants to available properties.

Credit Bureau Checks

Do real-time updates on tenants’ credit status from the credit bureau, allowing you to stay on top of credit risks and better manage your portfolio.

Tenant Engagement

Providing you with a direct line to your tenants, utilising bulk communications via integration with BulkSMS.com

Manage Space and Leases

Analyse pertinent tenancy and vacancy details at a point in time. Be reminded of dates and other key event triggers in contracts. Ensure all contractual documentation is accounted for.

Facilities Management

Full facilities workflow from logging of maintenance jobs, sending out requests for quotes to registered suppliers/vendors, quote acceptance, sending out orders and matching invoices to orders. Comprehensive reporting on job status and the nature of jobs, enabling you to highlight problem areas.

Document Management

Extensive document management and repositories to store your leases, applications and any other relevant documents.

Our Clients

  • Afhco
  • Ultimate Urban Management
  • Joshco
  • Communicare
  • Yeast City Housing
  • Tshwane Housing Company
  • Madulammoho Housing Company


  • South Africa