MDA Property Manager©

MDA Property Manager© provides comprehensive software for property and facilities managers of retail, office, industrial, residential and body corporate portfolios, with integrated accounting and real-time financial reporting. Designed around industry-best practices and business processes, it is used every day by leading property owners and managers. MDA Property Manager© covers the full spectrum, from day-to-day administration to portfolio performance reporting and analysis.


Automated Billing

Automate billing from underlying lease agreements or levy schedules. Do bulk rental/levy and operating cost recovery increases. Import utility charges from specialist meter-reading companies. Email tax invoices and statements in bulk and send a link to Online Portals.

Projections and Budgets

Build well-considered budgets from market rentals, contractual lease projections and assumptions on vacancies and lease renewals. Export or import budgets from MS Excel©.


A comprehensive accounts payable system with strong security controls. Produce payment instructions quickly and effortlessly. Generate electronic payments to banking systems. Specialist features to automate the recovery of expenses in terms of lease agreements.

General Ledger

Integrated and real-time general ledger. Drill-down from a consolidated fund income statement to underlying properties and then the ledger account detail. Standard interfaces are available to 3rd party financial systems.

Collect Money

Collect rentals by automated debit order instructions to banking systems. Import receipts from bank statements and auto-allocate to tenant accounts. Easy cash and cheque capturing by tellers, with receipt and bank deposit slip printing.

Manage Space and Leases

Analyse pertinent tenancy and vacancy details at a point in time. Be reminded of dates and other key event triggers in contracts. Ensure all contractual documentation is accounted for.

Control Cash Flow

Manage multiple cash books and trust accounts. Optimise payment terms with suppliers for individual properties or across portfolios.

Credit Control

Single point access to pertinent credit control processes. Automate late payment interest and penalty charges in terms of lease agreements. Maintain detailed notes on payment history and track attorney cases. Generate bulk arrears letters or SMSes for tenants in arrears.

Owner Reporting

Generate bulk emails to owners and their designated representatives for key reports such as Budget Variance, Cash Flow Statements and Rent/Levy Rolls.

Facilities Management

Manage jobs emanating from either tenants or your own maintenance department, whether reactive or planned. Full integration – from issuing an order to payment of invoices. Ensure that costs are recovered from tenants and/or owners and that orders are within budget.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage ad-hoc tasks and coordinate communication to ensure delivery of undertakings to tenants and other stakeholders. Allow Tenants / Clients and Owners / Asset Managers to log cases via the Online Portals with automated routing to designated CRM contacts.

Asset Register

Maintain a generic Asset Register and a specialised Property Register. Automated depreciation, scrapping and disposal journals.


Automated cash book reconciliations. Extensive controls and crosschecks for tenant deposits. Reconcile expenses to recoveries.

Agency Reporting

Automated collection commission and management fees, as well as sundry fee billing to tenants. Integrated trust and agency business accounting.


Store any electronic documents, images and files e.g. scans of lease agreements, images, plans, spreadsheets, emails and service contracts. Associate these with various data entities e.g. tenants, clients, properties, suppliers, jobs, orders etc. 

Sample Reports

More than 140 standard reports. Drill-down to source documents available on key financial reports.

Key Performance Indicators

Make strategic decisions by looking at consolidated and aggregated trend information and then drill-down to the underlying facts.

New Business Opportunities

Proactively consider and note revenue generating opportunities. Keep notes on tenant visits. Integrated with CRM to ensure that prospective tenants are properly followed up.