MDA Property Manager© and our associated Online Portals are offered as software-as-a-service, hosted in our safe and secure cloud environment. Our cloud offering allows you to focus on what you do best, running your business, and lets us take the pain and hassle away from you worrying about your software. Our team ensures the highest level of up-time, and performs regular security audits, as well as disaster recovery testing.


Quick and easy deployment

We can have you set up and live in a matter of hours.


Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Reduced hardware, software and IT management costs

You do not need to purchase and maintain a server to run MDA Property Manager©. Everything runs on our bespoke environment, built in the cloud, tailored specifically to meet the running requirements of MDA Property Manager© and its associated products.

Version Upgrades

You will always be on the latest version of MDA Property Manager©, allowing you to take advantage of newly developed features and functionality as soon as they are available. We carry out all version upgrades after business hours.

Your data is safe

No need to worry about security, server crashes, managing backups and ensuring they are taken off site. We deal with all of this.

Access to the MDA Web API

Our API provides a controlled, secure mechanism for new or existing 3rd party business tools and applications to interact with the MDA database.

Streamlined Application Support

Application support queries can be investigated independently by our support consultants, expediting and streamlining the process. All technical related queries essentially fall away as we manage the technical side of the environment.

New Products

Our new Online Portals are bundled with the cloud offering. This includes the Tenant/Client and the Owner/Asset Manager Portals, with a Suppliers Portal also in the pipeline. Click here for more information. Our future development is focused on web products and we have exciting things planned for this space.


It is essential that all clients have internet access and an integrated email facility – this allows for effective support. For the MDA Cloud service, we recommend a line speed of 1Mbps for 1-4 users and 4Mbps thereafter, with a minimum of 200Kbps (dedicated MDA bandwidth) per user.

Ready to migrate to the cloud?