MDA Property Systems – An MRI Software Company offers unrivalled product support to our clients. A two-hour turnaround time on all cases allows our clients to effectively use our products with very little to no waiting. MDA utilises a centralised support system that is manned on weekdays from 8am to 5pm (CAT) to ensure that no business hours are lost.


The Knowledgebase is an ever-evolving collection of information that covers topics from installation, basic and advanced features, how to use MDA to address various business processes/problems, as well as the more obscure issues encountered in the support of the MDA products. This document is accessible from the Help menu and contains several hyperlinks to other documents.

New Features

MDA is committed to its track record of maintaining, improving functionality and automation, and adapting to new technologies.

Current Release

Clients using the MDA Cloud are always on the current release. For existing on-premise clients, online checks are done for critical version updates and other compelling new features, and the administrator is prompted to download the latest version of MDA Property Manager©.

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