Connectivity Help – Trusted Sites

The instructions below explain how to add MDA Property Manager© to your trusted sites which is recommended when having trouble launching MDA Property Manager©. You may be experiencing a number of issues such as: Nothing happens when the user clicks on the MDA icon to launch the application. The log in page doesn’t load, or the following message comes up when trying to log in: “Citrix Receiver cannot create a secure connection in this browser”, and lastly if you get the “Initialization failed, contact your help desk for assistance” message. Follow the below steps to add MDA Property Manager© to your Trusted sites and solve the above mentioned issues:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer and click on the Tools icon in the top right corner of the browser page. Alternatively you could press Alt + x, to use the shortcut.


Step 2: Click on the Security tab, and select the Trusted sites zone.


Step 3: Click on the Sites button as shown below.


Step 4: Enter into the textbox and click the Add button. Next, add the following two additional websites using the same process: &

Once all three websites have been added, click the Close button.


Step 5: Launch MDA Property Manager©.